Books I Write

I’ve written over 50 cookbooks, here’s one of them:

Salads: Beyond the Bowl

Salads: Beyond The Bowl“You’ll want to make every recipe in the just-released Salads: Beyond the Bowl.” Gabrielle Langholtz, Edible Manhattan

“One hundred clever ways to break out of the Caesar rut.”

Christine Muhlke, The New York Times Summer Cookbook Roundup


“Mindy Fox’s new cookbook will CHANGE YOUR WORLD. [These are] dishes you’d welcome at any dinner–or even dinner party. Examples? Tender Summer Greens and Nasturtiums with Chive Vinaigrette and Fried Capers. Black Bean Salad with Shrimp and Pickled Onions. Green Melon, Cubanelle Peppers and Ricotta Salata. Those ain’t your average mixed greens. . . But even if all you want is mixed greens, Fox, the food editor of La Cucina Italiana magazine, has advice on how to make them extraordinary. She talks about what kinds of greens to use, what kinds of oils to keep on hand, different salts and when to use them, how to make quick-and-easy vinaigrettes, and what tools will make your life easier.” Bon

Perfectly Roasted Chicken

PerfectlyRoastedChickenThe New York Times 2010 “The Year’s Best Cookbooks”

“Nothing’s more satisfying than roast chicken, and no one’s more capable of showing you how to perfect it than Mindy.” Gail Simmons, Top Chef and Top Chef Just Desserts

“This is the first time in my life that I want to devour every single recipe in a cookbook. Mindy is a genius, taking an ingredient as approachable and comforting as chicken and making it in so many delectable ways.” Michelle Bernstein, Chef and James Beard Award Winner

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Olives & Oranges

Olives & Oranges

Olives & Oranges makes clear that [Sara Jenkins] is a gifted and natural cook with olive oil in her veins and blood oranges in her heart.” Mario Batali

“This is a keeper.” Paula Wolfert

“Olives & Oranges establishes Sara Jenkins as a leading light in the post-food-revolution generation, the children that grew up with arugula, free-range chicken, and extra-virgin olive oil. This is a generation that understands the value of eating well and has the confidence to prepare the simplest food with vivid grace and panache. More, please.” Molly O’Neill


The Craft of Baking

The Craft of Baking

The Craft of Baking is the kind of book you will use endlessly in the kitchen. With grace and ease, Karen DeMasco shares the secrets to her deft and delectable desserts. My only question is which sweet to try first!” Gail Simmons

NPR’s “The 10 Best Cookbooks of 2009″

“I have always admired Karen’s ability to craft the simplest of desserts into the most sublime. Nobody does it better! We all have a great deal to learn from her.” Claudia Flemming

“For the past few years, pastry chefs have wowed us with esoteric creations. But Karen DeMasco reminds us that, really, nothing is better than a piece of cake.” Andrew Carmellini