Does Air Fryer Make Noise: Reasons & How To Fix This Problem

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Without a doubt, the popularity of Air Fryers is growing by the day. It is gradually becoming a fixture in millions of kitchens around the world. Many people prefer it because of its ability to crisp food without using oil, heat up, and cook a wide variety of foods.

Among the benefits, does air fryer make noise? The noise is a common complaint among those who use Air Fryers.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the rattling noise of Air Fryers. So, keep reading to get the information you’ve been looking for.

What’s the deal with my rattling air fryer?

When used, air fryers generally make little noise. This is due to the fact that air fryers use a fan to circulate hot air at a high speed. The mechanism used to perform this task frequently causes the air fryer to make minor noises, which some users compare to hearing a vacuum cleaner being used.

If you hear a noise that sounds like airplane propellers while using your air fryer, it is most likely the fan running at high speed. Some air fryer manufacturers have succeeded in making their machines a little quieter. Others can be quite obnoxious.

Fortunately, this noise is normal, and there is no need to be concerned because this is the actual sound made by air fryers. However, if you notice a small rattle along with the normal sound of your air fryer’s fan, it’s time to investigate the cause.

What's the deal with my rattling air fryer
What’s the deal with my rattling air fryer

Touching fan rack or basket

A rattling sound inside an air fryer is typically caused by the metal rack or basket striking the machine as the fan spins. If this occurs, make sure to properly close and lock your air fryer before using it to avoid rattling sounds.

Basket containing debris

Another cause of rattling noises from air fryers is debris left inside the basket. There could be something in the way of the air fryer’s convection fan, causing it to rattle. Before and after using your air fryer, check for loose debris to ensure that nothing gets caught in the fan or heating elements.

Spare parts

Some loose parts in your air fryer can also cause rattling. If you’ve checked and there’s no debris or dirt inside that could be causing the noise, unplug the air fryer and inspect it for loose screws and other parts. Make sure to tighten these screws or have your air fryer repaired at the nearest service center.

Remember to keep an ear out for any noises coming from your air fryer. While most of the time it is harmless, leaving the air fryer on while there is an obstruction or loose parts may be hazardous to your home. It is best to check the appliance on a regular basis because it can cause a fire or damage to your kitchen.

Dirt particles

Aside from these three reasons, dirt specks can cause your Air Fryer to rattle. If you do not clean your Air fryer thoroughly on a regular basis, dirt may accumulate. This has an effect on the operation of your Air Fryer, causing it to work harder to cook food and, as a result, make more noise.

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What should I do if my air fryer starts making noise?

What should I do if my air fryer starts making noise
What should I do if my air fryer starts making noise

The sound of an air fryer rattling is fairly common, but you should look into it thoroughly.

Before we get into what you should do if your air fryer makes a rattling noise, it is important to note that an air fryer making a rattling noise while in use is not unusual and should not scare you. Why?

This is due to the operation mechanism of air fryers. Air fryers include a fan that makes a noise as it spins to circulate hot air and is used to easily push small items around the cooking compartment. This noise can occasionally reach 60-65 decibels.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s move on to what you should do if your air fryer starts rattling.

If your air fryer is broken and makes a noise that is louder than 65 decibels, it is a sign that something is wrong somewhere.

So, if your air fryer makes an unusual noise, you should do two things.

Remove the plug

The first step should be to unplug it. Check the inside of your fryer after unplugging it to ensure nothing is moving around it, as things can become stuck in the air fryer while it is operating.

If you notice anything obstructing the air fryer heating element, remove it and your air fryer should resume normal operation.

Don’t use it anymore

If you still can’t find anything impeding the heating element after unplugging and searching your air fryer, you should stop using it. This is mostly due to loose parts within the fryer’s casing.

Now, your next decision is entirely up to you, and you must bear the consequences. You may decide to continue using it if it has no effect on the cooking efficiency of your fryer.

You can, on the other hand, contact the manufacturer for a replacement or repairs as needed.

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How do I get my air fryer to stop making a rattling noise?

Many people have come up with acclaimed solutions to an Air Fryer’s rattling noise. However, these are black hat methods that could be harmful in the long run. Aside from the fact that these methods are illegal, there is no guarantee that they will work for every air fryer model.

The following are possible solutions to your air fryer’s noise problem.

How do I get my air fryer to stop making a rattling noise
How do I get my air fryer to stop making a rattling noise

After each use, thoroughly clean

One of the most important aspects of keeping your air fryer in good working order is to ensure that it is free of loose debris, dirt, and old oil before and after each use.

This ensures that there are no major loose parts that could cause more noise than expected.

Partially tighten

When your air fryer begins to make an annoying rattling noise, the next step is to inspect and tighten any loose parts.

You can do it yourself, but if you’re not confident, you can hire a technician or contact the manufacturer.

Hire a technician

Sometimes the cause of your air fryer’s rattling noise goes beyond a loose part or any other reason. It’s possible that your air fryer has become faulty, and the noise is just one of the problems you’re experiencing.

Unless you have extensive knowledge of how air fryers work, do not attempt to repair a faulty air fryer yourself.

Purchase another

Yes! Simply get another one.

If you believe the noise from your air fryer is unbearable and, despite an investigation, you are unable to identify a malfunction.

Maybe it’s time to replace that noisy air fryer with a quieter one. We have air fryers that make more noise than usual, as well as super quiet models. Depending on the brand of your air fryer, some may have a mute function that can help reduce noise.

You can get one of them to relieve the stress caused by a noisy air dryer.

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  1. What’s the deal with the beeping air fryer?

If your air fryer continues to beep at you, there could be a problem with your fan. As you might expect, when this component fails or has difficulty operating due to debris or damage, your appliance is in trouble, because the fan is in charge of circulating hot air and cooking your food.

  1. Why is the fan on my air fryer so loud?
Why is the fan on my air fryer so loud
Why is the fan on my air fryer so loud

This is normal if the noise you hear sounds like a fast-rotating fan. Your Philips Air fryer has an internal fan that helps to keep its internal components cool while the appliance is turned on. This noise can reach up to 65 dB (decibels), which is as loud as an average vacuum cleaner.

  1. How loud are Ninja air fryers?

In general, an air fryer makes about the same amount of noise as a dishwasher or a washing machine. This would place it among the louder kitchen appliances, though not among the loudest!

  1. Is the Cuisinart air fryer noisy?

There appears to have been a recent increase in faulty fans for the product. It worked normally for several months before the fan began to make an unusual noise. This is happening even with light usage. I’ve only used the air fryer mode twice.

  1. What can I do to make my air fryer quieter?

The air fryer is heating up. Press and hold STOP / CANCEL to silence the air fryer’s beeping sound. To activate the sound, press and hold STOP / CANCEL once more. NOTE: When muted, the beeps for guided cooking prompts and when the cooking time is up will be faster and fewer.

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In a nutshell, this article has provided an answer to the question “Does air fryer make noise?”

Air fryers are one of the most versatile kitchen appliances available. Because of their constant use, these machines occasionally make noise. A rattling sound can startle their users, giving the impression that something is wrong. Fortunately, this is easily remedied and checked to ensure that your air fryer is still as good as the day you bought it.

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