Is Sausage Good for Weight Loss? Healthy way to eat sausage

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Sausage is one of the favorite snacks of many people from children to adults. Is Sausage good for Weight Loss? Is it good for your health? Join us to learn to get nutrition, scientific ways to eat sausages, protect health and stabilize weight.

What are sausages made of?

Sausage is a dish originating from Western countries that are processed with meat as the main ingredient, including pork and beef.

When meat is combined with some spices and additives, it creates the characteristic flavor of sausages and is now widely sold in stores and supermarkets.

Sausage has many forms of preliminary processing such as frozen, instant, and smoked, … to meet the needs of human use but it is convenient and does not take much time.

Advantages and disadvantages of sausages

Advantages & disadvantages of sausages
Advantages & disadvantages of sausages

#1. Advantages

  • Provide protein

It provides energy, fights infections, participates in cell regeneration, and transports nutrients throughout the body.

  • Provide B vitamins

Includes B1, B3, and B12, which support the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin deficiency, especially B12, causes anemia, and memory loss and affects the nervous system.

#2. Disadvantages

When eaten a lot or eaten often, sausages cause quite a few problems, including:

  • Excess saturated fat

Saturated fat is the cause of LDL – bad cholesterol in the body, affecting the heart.

  • Excess amount of sodium

Almost all sausages contain a lot of salt. Eating a lot causes the body to absorb more sodium, increasing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Excess sodium also leads to the risk of calcium loss in the body and causes osteoporosis.

  • Contains preservatives

As a processed food, in many types of sausages, there are preservatives such as nitrate, and nitrite. When entering the body, it causes changes and creates compounds that are not harmful to health.

  • Decreased effectiveness of medication

Some types of smoked, fermented sausages contain tyramine, a substance that can raise blood pressure. For people who use drugs to treat high blood pressure, treat infections … tyramine may interact with some ingredients in the drug, reducing the effectiveness of treatment.

  • Allergy

Some poultry and lamb meat can cause allergies in people with sensitive skin.

  • Risk of cancer

Because it contains flavoring substances, preservatives, or some substances generated from the fermentation process, smoked treatment, etc., sausages are classified as potentially carcinogenic foods. Research shows that people who regularly consume 76g of hot dogs per day have a 20% higher risk of rectal cancer than those who consume 21g. Some sausages contain compounds called PAHs, which facilitate the formation of cancer-causing compounds in the body.

How many calories does a sausage contain?

According to scientific research, an average of 100 grams of sausage helps the body to load about 300 Kcal – a calorie that is not low, so it can be used for breakfast.

Each different processing of sausage will determine the total energy provided to the body how much?

  • Fried/grilled sausage: 305 Kcal
  • Instant sausage: 151 Kcal/ 1 piece
  • Boiled/Steamed Sausage: 297 Kcal

In addition, if you eat sausages with different foods, the calorie content will increase.

Is sausage good for weight loss?

Is sausage good for weight loss
Is sausage good for weight loss

Sausage is made from the main ingredient of animal meat, so it is a food supplement with protein, vitamins, and essential nutrients for the body.

Therefore, people can completely include sausages in the nutritional menu of the whole family. But it is necessary to have the right dosage for each age and health condition.

As analyzed in the above section, the nature of sausages contains no low-calorie content. Not to mention often eating hot dogs with many other foods will increase calories put into the body.

That’s why even when eating is good for the body, people who are on a weight loss diet should limit or consider eating appropriately otherwise the weight will be difficult to control.

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Nutrition in a sausage

Because the main ingredient is fresh meat, sausages contain a lot of protein. Typically, a sausage will contain about 10% fat and 10% protein.

In particular, there are sausages containing very high protein and fat content, such as salami, kilobase, and especially black garlic sausage.

According to research, 100g of black garlic sausage contains up to 29.6-36.1% protein and 27-33% fat.

In addition, sausage also adds to our body a lot of nutrients such as calcium, zinc, iron, and vitamins that are beneficial for health such as vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. These vitamins and minerals help strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism.

How many calories are in 1 pcs of boiled sausage?

Currently, there are more than 1000 different types of sausages in the world. Raw materials to create sausages are extremely diverse: pork, beef, chicken… Which, pork sausage is said to be the most popular because it is quite easy to eat, and the price is reasonable. Meat and additives are pureed together, and cooked by one of the methods: Grilling, boiling, steaming… Sausages can be eaten alone, served with bread, fried, or appear in other dishes. like Pizza, hot pot, spicy noodles….

Sausages are divided into 2 types: fresh sausages and pasteurized sausages. The nutritional value of these two sausages is similar. But fresh sausage you need to process before eating. The pasteurized sausage is cooked and ready to use.

Fresh sausage
Fresh sausage

This food is usually made from pork or beef, or chicken. They are seasoned with some spices, then pureed and made into sausages depending on their size and length, then boiled and refrigerated.

According to many studies, an average of 100g of sausage will give you about 297 calories. This is not a small number of calories. In addition, every 100g of sausage contains about 12g of protein, equivalent to 8% of the daily protein requirement, and an abundant amount of minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium … and vitamin B6, and B12 content to help you prevent iron deficiency. , anemia, strengthens the immune system and promotes metabolism, good for the body.

Is eating hot dogs fat?

Hot dog sandwiches can be used as a side dish or as a main meal because of their convenience and ability to stay full for a long time, providing enough energy for a long day of activities. This is a popular dish for breakfast, especially for children. However, because the bread is mainly made from wheat flour with sausages with a high-calorie content, many people wonder if eating hot dog sandwiches is fat.

To fill up with traditional hot dog bread, we only need 1 with about 500-550 calories. As for filling up with sausage rolls or grilled sausage sandwiches, we need about 2-3 servings, respectively 288-486 calories.

While every day we need about 2,000 calories, equivalent to 667 calories for 1 meal (if divided into 3 main meals during the day). Thus, the calories from hot dogs are lower than the calories needed for a meal, so eating will not affect weight.

However, if you eat too many hot dogs, beyond the calculated amount above, you can still gain weight.

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Can I eat sausages on a low-carb diet?

The beauty of the low-carb diet menu is that it is very simple and easy to remember: Unlimited eating, as much as you want, for protein and lipids.

Users are only restricted to consuming foods containing sugar and starch. Accordingly, people following a low-carb diet can eat chicken, beef, pork, sausage, cold cuts, beans, and eggs, … without any restrictions. So, you can freely eat sausages (without seasonings like sugar) if you want to eat them.

Guide to eating healthy sausages

The nutritionist confirmed: do not abstain from eating sausages, but for each subject and age, the diet will be different to both not gain weight and protect health.

Guide to eating healthy sausages
Guide to eating healthy sausages

#1. Selection of dishes from sausages

Each processing method: boiling or frying sausages will affect to increase or keep the calorie energy in that dish.

Therefore, people who lose weight should only eat boiled sausages instead of eating a lot of grilled dishes, the more greasy it is, the easier it is for excess fat to accumulate under the skin.

#2. Frequency and dosage of use

Is eating sausage fat? Eating a lot is counterproductive to the body but also causes body weight to change and increase rapidly.

Subjects such as pregnant women, young children, and the elderly, should be cautious before eating sausages:

  • Pregnant women: Should limit eating sausages and only eat when the origin is known or homemade.
  • Children: Up to 1 time per week and do not eat more than 100g of hot dogs.

#3. Subjects should abstain from sausages

Nutritionists emphasized that people who are elderly, have a history of or are suffering from cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, and diabetes should not eat hot dogs.

Too much fat and calories will not be good for people who are on a slimming diet, increasing the accumulation of excess energy in the body.

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Above is the article about “Is Sausage good for Weight Loss?” and related issues. Hopefully, they will give you a comprehensive view and a reasonable diet for the best health. Thanks for reading!

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